Clinical Recovery Serum


PRIORI® MD Clinical Recovery Serum utilizes a unique, exclusive DNA repair complex – Tx-DNA Complex™ – to help provide complete free radical protection.



DNA Protection

• No sunscreen or antioxidant is powerful enough to block all damage to DNA
• DNA Repair enzymes help “undo” damage to the DNA strand caused by toxic free radicals. These are the cell’s natural “repair mechanisms” that help maintain DNA in its healthy state
• DNA repair enzymes are critical to the preservation of healthy skin

Antioxidant Protection

• Sun and environmental factors create toxic free radicals that damage DNA, lipids, proteins, and cellular structures; this damage accumulates and expresses itself as premature skin aging
• Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and only anti-oxidants protect DNA from infrared radiation, ozone, cigarette smoke, air pollution and other sources of environmental stress (sunscreen does not)

Sunscreen Protection

• No sunscreen is 100% effective; sunscreen only blocks approximately 50% of free radicals induced by UVA radiation
• Most people apply only 25-50% of the recommended amount of sunscreen
• All sunscreens leak damaging UV radiation, which causes premature skin aging
• Sunscreens are not antioxidants

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