Three Myths Debunked on Breast Augmentation for Future Mothers

Mothers-to-be or women who have not left out the possibility of becoming pregnant at a later time are almost always concerned about going under the

What’s New and Natural?

Natural food products are exciting because they help us believe that we’re taking better care of ourselves by what we eat. The word natural itself

The Virgin Diet

The Virgin diet is getting a great deal of publicity lately. According to a recent article nutritionist JJ Virgin was not intending to write a

Is Food the New Medicine?

Food is a necessary staple of life. Marketers are now trying desperately to understand if food can serve as more than just nourishment to the

Top British Docs Want Tainted Implants Removed

Top British doctors have made a passionate plea for the British government to remove PIP breast implants that were used in more than 50,000 women

Working Moms Feel the Pressure

The decision to have plastic surgery is not one to be taken lightly. Not only are patients faced with a barrage of information, they must

Plastic Surgery Procedures in Time for the Wedding

The beginning of spring often symbolizes the upcoming wedding season. For many brides to be the dresses have been selected and the final touches are

Are Botox and Depression Linked?

Botox cosmetic injectables are chosen by patients to treat crows’ feet and wrinkles on the forehead. According to a recent article a small study revealed

Gynecomastia Surgery Helps Young Boys

Enlarged breast negatively affect the self-esteem and other mental and emotional health issues in adolescent males according to recent online article based on a report

The Fast Diet- Is it Really Better?

Michael Mosley, a British author, journalist, TV personality, and physician was mildly overweight, had high cholesterol and was feared to be at risk for developing

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