What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery The first thing that should be addressed is, ’What is plastic surgery? Where/When did it originate?’ Although these two questions seem like they

History Of Plastic Surgery

 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery History The history of plastic surgery is complex and therefore is a lot to take in at one time. Hopefully this post

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Cosmetic surgery is a large branch off of plastic surgery that is centered on the enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical

Reconstructive Surgery

There are two types of plastic surgery and many different sub-specialties that are associated under these main categories. Cosmetic surgery is one of these and

Breast Augmentation

In 2006, 329,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the U.S. Think about this number; that is a lot of women having plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery


Plastic surgery covers many different procedures. Also because there are two areas of plastic surgery the procedures can be divided into cosmetic surgery and reconstructive


When patients go into a plastic surgeon there are a few questions that always are asked, one of which is ’Does it hurt?/Will it hurt?’


Recuperating from a surgery is never an easy task and can sometimes be quite painful. When you go to a plastic surgeon, finding out how


What should you know about the safety of outpatient plastic surgery? When considering plastic surgery, it’s natural to focus more on the expected result than


Liposuction Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills Liposuction, otherwise known as lipoplasty or liposculpture, is a widely used procedure for removing excess fat from problem areas in

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