5 Ways the Mommy Makeover Restores Your Confidence

5 Ways the Mommy Makeover Restores Your Confidence

Posted on July 31, 2019

5 Ways the Mommy Makeover Restores Your Confidence

There’s no doubt that being a mom is a rewarding experience. But all too often, we forget the toll that pregnancy and childbirth can take on woman’s body. Hips become wider while skin and muscles in the abdomen stretch out. After giving birth, post-partum bodies can continue to change, especially if a woman decides to breastfeed. Combined with shifting priorities, physical changes to a woman’s figure can easily take a toll on their self-confidence. 

To help support a woman’s ongoing efforts to achieve their pre-baby body, certain cosmetic treatment plans like a mommy makeover are designed to help women restore their figures and self-confidence.  Here’s how:

Targets the Impacts of Pregnancy

As no two pregnancies are exactly alike, mommy makeovers are highly customized to help target the areas affected by each woman’s pregnancy. For some, this can mean their mommy makeover is a combination of abdominoplasty and breast lift. For others, the perfect mommy makeover includes tummy tuck plus non-invasive facial treatments. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, our goal in crafting highly personalized surgical strategies is to ensure that the results comprehensively address each woman’s concerns. 

Enhance Current Efforts 

For countless post-partum women, diet and exercise are important first steps in restoring pre-baby bodies. While these efforts can certainly make a difference, they may not be enough to fully address all of changes caused by childbirth. Mommy makeover procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty can help women achieve their desired goals faster as well as accentuate their hard work in the gym.   

Feel Comfortable in All Clothes 

For many women, mommy makeover isn’t just about restoring their pre-baby figure – it’s also about being able to feel comfortable in your body regardless of what you’re wearing. Depending on the degree of skin or muscles stretching, mommy makeover strategies can be developed to include different body contouring procedures that ensure clothes fit just as well if not better than before. 

Feel Sexy Again

Self-confidence plays a large role in any person’s ability to feel sexy and attractive. For post-partum women struggling to feel comfortable in their new bodies, feeling attractive can seem even more unattainable. Mommy makeovers are designed to target unwanted sagging or stretched skin, help women achieve their pre-baby bodies and pre-baby levels of self-confidence. 

Invest in Yourself

Being a mom is a full-time job, starting before your baby is even born For many women, life after children takes on a new focus where hours spent at the gym are now spent at Mommy and Me classes or shuttling kids off to extracurricular activities. In that time, it can become easy for women to lose their identity as someone beyond a mother. For some women, investing in a mommy makeover is viewed as the first step toward redefining themselves and regaining their sense of self. The resulting decision can be a serious confidence booster that leads to more choices that benefit not only the individual, but their entire family. 

Rebuild Self-Confidence at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

From consultation through recovery and follow-up, the plastic surgeons at BHPS are committed to helping all individuals feel confident in their appearance. Learn how a mommy makeover can help you regain confidence in your appearance by scheduling your consultation with our experienced specialists today!

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