Areas CoolSculpting Can Treat that Aren’t Your Midsection

Areas CoolSculpting Can Treat that Aren’t Your Midsection

Posted on January 15, 2019

Areas CoolSculpting Can Treat that Aren’t Your Midsection

CoolSculpting is an innovative procedure that offers patients the opportunity to achieve a beautifully toned, slender figure without surgery. For many, the procedure has been the final step in tackling stubborn fat pockets along the midsection – but what about other parts of the body? Explore some of the top treatment areas where CoolSculpting has been used that aren’t your midsection

Chin and Neck

Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an unfortunate double chin? You’re not alone. Submental fullness, or the commonly referred to as a double chin, affects men and women of all ages and weights. This stubborn collection of fat cells can also be especially challenging to remove, even with a tough workout routine. While traditional treatments may have involved liposuction and then a neck lift, CoolSculpting offers a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative. In recent years, the company developed the CoolMini, an ultra-slim applicator that allows patients to target unwanted fat below the chin. With this treatment option, patients can take years off their appearance and feel a bit more confident in their looks.


Sagging skin and increased fat deposits along the triceps and biceps can be a source of concern for many patients as they age. Even if your arms are toned and muscular, the aging process can contribute to skin laxity and fat development in the upper arms, hiding away your hard work. Rather than resort to a future filled with long-sleeve shirts and sweaters, consider CoolSculpting for your arms. Specific applicators can be used to target unwanted fat deposits that accumulate along the triceps while stimulating skin elasticity. While treating this area may require several sessions, the intervening time between office visits gives your skin enough time to recover and return to a more aesthetic position.


For men who’ve lost significant weight, losing the final fat pockets from the chest can be especially challenging. However, not every case of gynecomastia requires surgical intervention to treat. CoolSculpting offers a non-invasive alternative that can help individuals finally achieve their ideal figure discreetly.

Love handles

A flat, smooth stomach doesn’t always mean the elimination of love handles. Like the abdomen and arms, fat deposits and sagging skin that are characteristic of aging can contribute to the development of these unflattering pockets. While the adipose tissue within love handles can be shrunken, patients will always run the risk of fluctuating size unless the cells are permanently removed. CoolSculpting for love handles can help enhance a toned figure, giving it the final push necessary toward an individual’s long-desired look.


Not all fat pockets are created equal. On the inner and outer thighs, lumps and bulges may not be what most consider “fat pockets” but are still unwanted deposits keeping patients from feeling comfortable in their appearance. With CoolSculpting, our Beverly Hills specialists can destroy fat in these hard-to-reach places, helping patients achieve their desired appearance.

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