Bald Men Will Soon Know Why

Bald Men Will Soon Know Why

Posted on June 8, 2017

Bald Men Will Soon Know WhyWhen men lose their hair some say it is a devastating event for many men. This is why research to learn why men lose their hair could seem valuable to many. According to recent Fox news increasing story study authors have isolated the protein believed to be responsible for male pattern baldness, anticipation that an effective cure for the most frequent cause of hair loss in men is not too far away.

Male pattern baldness is a problem for eight out of 10 men and results in the hair follicles shrinking and producing microscopic hairs, which grow for a shorter period of time than normal hairs .We looked at bald scalps last year and saw the hair follicles were still present, according to senior author George Cotsarelis, from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania . So we inferred there was either a lack of an activator [to spur hair growth] or the presence of an inhibitor. The researchers discovered that the bald spots had abnormally high levels of a protein called Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) — nearly three times the amount present in the scalp areas with hair. This led researchers to believe they have identified the protein. In the very preliminary stages it is still unclear what this information can mean. Few  would dispute that men who were bald have a distinct look. One of the common concerns for bald or balding men is whether or not they are a candidate for facial rejuvenation procedures. Obviously, without hair, the face is even more noticeable for those men who are prone to premature aging , and can look considerably older than their real age. Dr. Kim advises male patients to first consider Botox as an option for smoothing the wrinkles on the forehead. They may also consider Botox treatments for crows feet on the outer corner of the eyes. If the patient is a candidate for a brow lift Dr. Kim is careful to utilize his artistic skill and expertise to carefully decide where the incision should be placed and the best opportunity for optimal healing so that the scars are not visible. Each patient is given a thorough an individual consultation which will allow Dr. Kim to make the best recommendation without further disturbing the patients hairline or causing the result to look unnatural and aesthetically unpleasing. Dr. Kim welcomes mail patients to meet with him and discuss the best options for anti-aging.

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