Best Breast Augmentation Choices for Runners

Best Breast Augmentation Choices for Runners

Posted on December 13, 2019

Best Breast Augmentation Choices for Runners

You’re happy with your lean runner’s body, but wish you had more of a figure up top. If you’ve dismissed breast augmentation as a change that would get in the way of your fitness goals, think again. With the right choices, you can have it all — a more feminine figure and a commitment to healthy physical activity. A significant number of competitive runners and cyclists have had breast augmentation surgery for the same reason, and carried on with their push for faster times. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some key choices and answer some commonly asked questions.

Freedom of Movement

Size and shape matter in breast implants, both for your looks and for your ability to run with comfort. To avoid any interference with your arm movement while you run, you’ll want to minimize “spill-out” to the sides of your breasts. You also want to avoid adding too much weight to your chest with overly large implants to avoid back strain and chafing, not to mention slowing your uphill pace. 

If your body is lean from running, you’re probably not looking for a big increase in breast size anyway — it could give you an unbalanced appearance. So you might think C cup rather than D cup. That’s in keeping with an overall trend of more modest augmentations. If you do go for a larger size, a well-fitted sports bra can help you stay comfortable on the road and track.

Talk with the surgeon, too, about the shape of the implants. A higher-profile implant — one with a narrower base and more forward projection — will have less spread to the sides than will a lower-profile implant — one with a wide base. Of course, the choice of implant size and shape should be whatever provides the most natural fit with your anatomy.


A surgeon can place breast implants either beneath the chest wall muscles (subpectoral placement) or above them (subglandular placement), and each choice has its advantages. 

If you lift weights or are a competitive sprinter, subglandular placement is probably the better choice. When implants are below the muscles, the intense contractions involved in building upper-body strength can distort the implants or shift their position.

If you’re like most runners, with a slender upper body profile and no plans for a more muscular chest, subpectoral placement may be more comfortable. But either placement option should be fine. Your plastic surgeon can explain which of the options will give you the most natural breast look and feel.

Silicone or Saline?

The choice of silicone or saline implants is another decision with several factors to consider. If you are very thin, with little body fat or breast tissue, the softer silicone implants may produce a more natural look and feel than saline implants. But neither option has an absolute advantage for all runners.

Will Implants Hold up Under the Stresses of Running?

Some female athletes are concerned about the durability of implants. Remember, these are medical devices designed to withstand significant trauma, such as hitting the steering wheel in a car accident. So the movement of running won’t affect the implants themselves. To avoid stretching the skin of your breasts when running after augmentation, it’s a good idea to wear a well-fitting sports bra.


The timing of the procedure is the final consideration. You will need to have some downtime to heal. That means at least two weeks with no strenuous exercise, then a gradual buildup to your normal training and competition routine. 

Many runners schedule the procedure soon after their most important race of the year, when they will have downtime for physical recovery anyway. Or, they plan the procedure for the winter months, when they would ordinarily be on a lighter training routine.

As you begin to resume your running routine, get a professional fitting for a sports bra with extra support. With appropriate care, and without pushing yourself too hard or too fast, you should be back in your normal routine in a few weeks.

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