Breast Augmentation in Your 40s: What You Need to Know

Breast Augmentation in Your 40s: What You Need to Know

Posted on October 27, 2017

Breast Augmentation in Your 40s: What You Need to KnowA woman in her 40s typically enjoys more stability in her life. By this point, you’re probably done with childbearing, your children are likely out of their toddler phase, and your life goals are nicely falling into place. For these reasons, more and more women in their 40s are deciding to undergo breast augmentation for the first time.

Many women feel that this is the ideal time to undergo breast surgery, allowing them to embrace a new decade with confidence. If you’re like others who are taking advantage of this transformative procedure in their 40s, the following guide will help you know what to take into consideration.

Why Get a Breast Augmentation in Your 40s?

While women seeking a breast augmentation in their 20s and 30s typically want to increase the size of their breasts, the 40s present additional cosmetic concerns. Women in their 40s generally choose to undergo a breast augmentation for the following reasons:


Women in their 40s often have cosmetic changes to their breasts due to age, including sagging, loss of volume, and asymmetry. A breast augmentation can completely restore what age has claimed by providing fullness and improved shape. Breast surgery allows you to take control of unwanted signs of age so you can feel more comfortable with your figure.

Effects of Pregnancy

Children can be a gift in life, but as any mother knows, the physical strain of childbearing can permanently change a woman’s body. Weight fluctuations and breastfeeding may lead to overstretched breast tissue, which contributes to an overall “deflated” appearance. And no matter how much you diet or exercise, flattened breasts cannot be improved without surgery. Fortunately, a breast augmentation performed with a breast lift is the perfect way to correct these cosmetic issues with long lasting results. This particular combination is a popular choice for women undergoing a Mommy Makeover treatment. And since most women are finished having children by their 40s, you can enjoy the results of your breast surgery for many years to come.

Revision Surgery

For some women, breast surgery in their 40s isn’t the first time they’ve undergone a breast augmentation. Many choose to have an additional breast augmentation for revision purposes. This can be done for several reasons. Some patients may be dissatisfied with the results of a breast augmentation they had in their 20s and 30s, and now they finally have the time to get a revision surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals. Likewise, some women want to take advantage of breast implant advancements that have developed since their first breast augmentation. Regardless of the reason, a breast augmentation revision can match your figure with your ideal cosmetic tastes.

Implants After Breast Reduction

Excessively large breasts can cause a host of health issues for women, including chronic neck and back pain. But some women simply don’t have the time or resources to undergo breast reduction surgery in their 20s and 30s. And due to hormonal fluctuations, breasts may continue to develop even throughout a woman’s 20s and 30s, which is why many women wait until their 40s to have a breast reduction.

A breast reduction is an excellent way to eliminate excessive breast tissue, but for optimal results, some women prefer to also have implants to fully improve the shape of their breasts. Breast reduction often focuses more on the relief of troubling physical symptoms rather than cosmetic improvement. For women in their 40s undergoing a breast reduction, augmentation after a reduction can offer optimal cosmetic enhancement.

What You Need to Consider

There are some additional considerations to keep in mind before making the decision to augment your breasts in your 40s:


Doctors generally recommend that women start getting regular mammograms at around age 40 to 45, but you will likely be required to also have a mammogram before getting breast implants. This is because implants can obscure mammogram results, so doctors prefer to have a baseline mammogram that they can refer to in the future. Breast implants will affect your future mammograms as well, so when you go in for your regular breast cancer screening, you’ll need to notify your mammographer so that he or she can adjust the procedure appropriately. You may require additional views for adequate breast imaging.

Issues Related to Sagging

Women in their 40s have likely started to notice that their breasts no longer have the perky appearance they once had. While a breast augmentation is excellent at enhancing the size and shape of breasts, augmentation alone cannot lift the breasts. If you’re thinking about having a breast augmentation in your 40s, then you might want to consider a breast lift as well. This combination surgery is the procedure of choice for mothers who want to restore their pre-baby body, but it also offers optimal breast rejuvenation for women who’ve never had children.

Your 40s are all about knowing what you want and going after your goals. And with a breast augmentation, you can fully embrace this exciting time in your life and restore your confidence. Ready to take the next step? Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today at (310) 746-5439 to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation.


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