Breast Surgery in Your 20s

Breast Surgery in Your 20s

Posted on July 30, 2018

Breast Surgery in Your 20sOften, women seeking breast surgery such as an augmentation or reduction ask us about the best age for these potentially life-changing procedures. However, the answer is different for every patient and depends on several factors.

Why Do Women Get Breast Surgery?

There are many reasons a woman might desire to undergo breast surgery. For example, a younger woman who feels self-conscious about the size, shape, or symmetry of her breasts may opt for the procedure.

Breast surgery can help adult women of almost any age feel sexier and more confident about the look of their breasts. In fact, younger women who opt to get breast surgery may experience an easier recovery process, since their skin is more elastic and tends to bounce back more quickly.

Is There a Minimum Age for Breast Surgery?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend breast surgery for women under the age of 18. That’s because, for best results, a woman’s breasts should be fully developed before undergoing a surgical procedure.

Because no two bodies are completely alike, two women of the same age may reach physical maturity at different rates. Even after going through puberty, many women find that their breasts continue to grow and change up through their early 20s, while other women’s breasts are fully developed in their teens.

Deciding on an ideal shape and size is more challenging if the breasts are not fully finished developing. If you are a younger woman thinking about getting a breast augmentation, keep in mind that waiting for the breasts to settle into their fully developed size and shape will help you and your cosmetic surgeon decide what type of breast implant is right for you, as well as where to place it.

The FDA has approved silicone gel-filled breast implants for breast augmentation in women age 22 or older, and for breast reconstruction after surgery or injury in women of any age.

Breast Augmentation for Women in Their 20s

Women who decide to have breast augmentation surgery in their 20s must take several factors into account before undergoing breast surgery. These concerns are:

  • Are your breasts fully developed?
  • Do you plan to have children? If so, have you thought about breastfeeding?

Although breast implants will not negatively impact your ability to get pregnant or breastfeed, the effects of pregnancy, such as weight gain and stretched skin, can cause sagging and stretch marks, which may negate the results of a breast augmentation. As a result, some women who had breast implants before one or more pregnancies may find they need to undergo an additional augmentation to restore the size and shape of their breasts.

To avoid future surgeries, breast surgeons advise women to wait until after they are done having children before they undergo a breast augmentation – especially if they are planning to breastfeed. Though there is minimal risk that the implants will hinder women’s ability to breastfeed, they may cause the breasts to sag even further. However, if you do not plan to have children, or if you understand and accept that you might want to get another breast surgery, there is no medical reason you can’t have a breast augmentation in your 20s.

Breast Reduction for Women in Their 20s

Most women who opt for breast reduction surgery are seeking physical benefits more than cosmetic ones. Large, heavy breasts can cause neck and back pain, and in some cases, may even limit the activities a woman can participate in.

Again, in most cases, it is better to wait until a woman’s breasts have fully developed before getting a reduction surgery. However, for women whose large or sagging breasts are putting them in significant discomfort, we can perform the surgery earlier, provided the patient is mature enough to fully understand the procedure. As with breast augmentation, we do not recommend breast reduction for women who plan to breastfeed.

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