Breastfeeding gets another vote for babys health

Breastfeeding gets another vote for babys health

Posted on June 12, 2017

Breastfeeding gets another vote for babys healthReports that highlight the benefits of breast-feeding are prevalent. Although few media outlets will admit it, most women are discouraged with the size and shape of their breasts after breast- feeding. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that it is completely normal to lose volume and shape after pregnancy and breast-feeding. Each patient is different in terms of how their breast will look after giving birth and breast-feeding. Some have extremely low breast that had drooped significantly, others have very little volume and a flattened look. Some of the recommendations that Dr. Kim may give to patients include breast augmentation with breast implants, a breast lift, or breast lift with implants. For a small percentage of patients a breast reduction may be recommended. Patients should not dismiss the option of breast-feeding because of the toll that it takes on their body. Most patients have  excellent results with plastic surgery and do not regret their decision to breast-feed. The benefits of breast-feeding are numerous. According to The Los Angeles Times   some researchers say there’s evidence of one more — protection against sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, a form of unexpected death that kills more than 2,000 infants each year in the U.S.

Such a link had been suspected, based on some studies, but to get a better idea of the true association, an international team of researchers analyzed an array of studies on breast-feeding and SIDS, crunching the numbers and employing an array of statistical tools.

They calculated that infants who were breast-fed, for any length of time, had 60% lower risk of SIDS than those who were not breast-fed at all. Infants who were fed only breast milk — no formula — for any period of time had a 73% lower risk of sudden death. The findings were published online Monday in Pediatrics.

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