Breathe Easy with Rhinoplasty

Breathe Easy with Rhinoplasty

Posted on February 19, 2018

Breathe Easy with Rhinoplasty

When most people think about rhinoplasty, they think about cosmetic rhinoplasty, or changing the appearance of the nose. Looks are one reason to consider rhinoplasty, but they aren’t the only one. Learn about the benefits of medical rhinoplasty. Our functional rhinoplasty patients tell us the procedure can be truly life-changing. What can rhinoplasty do for you?

Do I Have a Breathing Obstruction?

Blockages or obstructions in your nasal passages aren’t something you can easily see, but they can have a big impact on your life. Nasal obstructions can cause many uncomfortable, and sometimes surprising symptoms. If you have any of the problems on the list below, come into our offices and find out if medical rhinoplasty is right for you.

  • Frequent headaches
  • Worsening allergies
  • Recurrent sinus infections
  • Nosebleeds
  • Dry mouth
  • Snoring
  • Bad breath
  • Noisy breathing
  • Trouble breathing through the nose

Functional rhinoplasty can open the airway, restoring your ability to breathe properly and often eliminating these symptoms. Feel better with rhinoplasty!

Common Causes of Nasal Obstructions

Nasal obstructions can have many causes. Come in for a consultation and we’ll carefully examine your nose. After an examination, we can help you determine if you have a nasal obstruction, and if you do, what’s causing it. Then we’ll work together to create a treatment plan so you can enjoy optimal health and functional breathing. Common causes of nasal obstruction include:

  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal polyps
  • Enlarged nasal turbinates
  • Trauma from a nasal injury
  • Damage from a previous rhinoplasty

Dr. Kim is an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and a skilled plastic surgeon. He’ll work with you to find and correct nasal problems like these using functional rhinoplasty.

What Happens During a Medical Rhinoplasty?

Medical rhinoplasties vary widely. Some require a small modification to the nose to restore optimal breathing. Other procedures are more in-depth and require extensive surgical work. We’ll give you a better idea of what to expect during your consultation. Medical rhinoplasties are typically performed using either an open or closed rhinoplasty technique.

  • Open Rhinoplasty– Open provides superior visibility to the underlying nasal structures. A small incision is made across the columella, the tissue strip that divides the nostrils. The skin is lifted up and the nasal obstruction is corrected. Although a small incision is made on the nose, open rhinoplasties typically leave minimal scarring once recovery is complete. Open rhinoplasty is usually recommended for patients that want extensive adjustments to the nasal tip or require deep structural changes.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty– Most rhinoplasties can be completed without an exterior incision. In closed rhinoplasty, all incisions for the procedure are made inside of the nostrils. A closed rhinoplasty offers shorter recovery and no visible scarring. Changes are made to the nose without lifting the skin and tissues. Visibility is limited, but we can still make many changes to the function and appearance of the nose. This is our preferred method of rhinoplasty.

Will Rhinoplasty Change My Appearance?

Cosmetic rhinoplasty patients want their nose to have a different appearance, but many of our medical rhinoplasty patients are already happy with their appearance. Medical rhinoplasty can be paired with cosmetic rhinoplasty if you want to change your look and improve your breathing. If you don’t want to make dramatic changes to your appearance, medical rhinoplasty can often correct breathing with minimal change to your appearance.

Change your look or keep it the same with functional rhinoplasty. Contact us and start breathing easier.

What’s Recovery Like After Functional Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure and will require a recovery period. Most patients take about a week off from work. Since we perform primarily closed rhinoplasties at our practice, our patients experience an accelerated recovery and fewer post-surgical inconveniences than open rhinoplasty patients. Plan on experiencing tiredness the day of surgery. Bruising, swelling, and tenderness do occur. We can control pain using pain medications.

Is Medical Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

Breathing problems can interfere with your quality of life. If you’re experiencing signs of a nasal obstruction, come see us and find out if medical rhinoplasty is right for you. We use advanced imaging and careful examination to determine if rhinoplasty can correct your breathing difficulties. Our medical rhinoplasty patients typically report an alleviation of their symptoms after they’ve healed and an improvement in the quality of their life. Could rhinoplasty benefit you? Come see us and find out.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty isn’t the only type of rhinoplasty. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kim to determine if medical rhinoplasty can improve your breathing. As a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Kim can help you with all of your rhinoplasty needs, both medical and cosmetic. Call today.

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