Calf Augmentation (Lower Leg Implants)

Calf Augmentation (Lower Leg Implants)

Posted on February 1, 2021

Calf Implants

Calf Augmentation (Lower Leg Implants)Calf augmentation or lower leg implants cosmetic surgery is ideally suited when you wish to enlarge small or underdeveloped calves. The surgery is a safe and effective way to add body and shape to your lower legs. If you want to achieve more balanced and toned calves, you may consider calf augmentation.

The surgery is relatively less invasive and involves the placement of solid silicone or silicone gel implants within the lower leg contours. plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides calf augmentation surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities.

Candidacy for Calf Augmentation

Women and men who are bothered by the appearance of “chicken” legs or naturally skinny lower legs could make good candidates for calf implants plastic surgery. The procedure is well-suited both for cosmetic and restorative purposes. If you have suffered from a loss of volume in the lower legs following an illness, infection, or a congenital defect, you could benefit from lower leg implants surgery.

In these conditions, a calf augmentation procedure will help in restoring the balance and symmetry between the legs. Body builders also seek calf implants surgery sometimes to achieve more sculpted and defined lower legs appearance. The cosmetic surgery has a relatively low risk profile and produces highly successful results when you work with a skilled surgeon.

Pre-Op Consultation

During your pre-operative consultation, your surgeon will explain to you the options and techniques available for lower leg implants surgery. They will discuss the benefits and limitations of calf implants versus other alternatives, such as lower body muscle training, regular exercises, and fat grafting calf augmentation. To determine your customized surgical plan, your surgeon will evaluate the following elements together with you:

  • Implant material (silicone gel or solid silicone or another material)
  • Size and number of the implants
  • Location of the implants (medial or lateral calves)
  • Placement of the implants (below the calf muscle or between the calf muscle and the fascia tissue)
  • Location of the incision

Surgery Procedure

Calf augmentation cosmetic surgery may be performed at a surgery center or a hospital. In most cases, the procedure is performed using general anesthesia. Following anesthesia, your surgeon will create a discreet incision (usually made in the back of the knee). Through the incision, your surgeon will insert the calf implant below the gastrocnemius muscle or between the muscle and the fascia tissue.

Once the implant is securely placed and adjusted into position, your surgeon will close the incision with sutures and cover the site with bandages. You may have to wear a compression garment for about a week or two after your surgery.


Post-op recovery after a lower leg implant surgery may take about one week. You will return home the same day after the surgery, but may have to use crutches for a few days until the healing gets better. You can resume most of your regular activities in a week, while avoiding putting too much strain on your legs. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for calf implants surgery.

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