Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Tip Rotation And Reduction

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Tip Rotation And Reduction

Posted on March 15, 2019

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Tip Rotation And ReductionThe nasal tip may lack proper rotation if it lacks definition or is too defined. Rotation refers to the upward or downward turn of the nasal tip.

The plastic surgeon will modify the nasal tip by reshaping the cartilage. They will pay particular attention to the nasal base during this procedure as it impacts the tension and rotation.

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.


What is Nose Tip Rhinoplasty?

Nasal tip rhinoplasty is any procedure undertaken on the lower third portion of the nose.

This is an intricate procedure and requires the surgeon to be skilled and experienced in nose reshaping and have a comprehensive understanding of the nasal structure and how the cartilage and other tissue affect the process of reshaping the nose.

Nasal tip refinement is not necessarily a cosmetic procedure, but maybe a medical necessity in some cases. For instance, the patient may experience breathing issues due to an abnormally shaped nasal tip either in their routine life or when they sleep.

A sinus infection may also result from an abnormal nose tip. Sometimes patients also experience speech problems due to their abnormally shaped nose tip.


Reasons to Undergo Tip Refinement

There are multiple reasons for which patients seek nasal tip refinement, either individually or as an alternative to rhinoplasty. However, it is usually undertaken to correct a fuller or “bulbous” nasal tip.

Some patients may consider their natural nose structure to be unappealing, such as patients with noses that’s sag at the tip, “hooked” noses, or upturned noses. In general, nasal tip refinement creates a slimming effect for the entire face.


Wide Tip Correction

A bulbous or wide nose typically develops due to a combination of large nasal domes that are spaced widely apart and thick nose skin. A thick fat or ligament may separate the nasal domes in many cases.

The surgeon will reshape the soft tissue and move the domes closer to address this condition. They may place a graft on the tip of the nose itself for patients with thick skin to give the tip better definition. The surgeon may also shave off or modify the cartilage structure beneath the skin to make the nasal tip narrower.


Less Invasive Procedure

The nasal tip refinement surgery is much less invasive compared to a complete rhinoplasty. The inner nose structure is substantially modified in a conventional nose reshaping surgery. It may also involve breaking bones leading to a longer recovery period.

But nasal tip refinement usually involves placing two to three incisions which enable the surgeon to access the cartilage in that area. The surgeon will seal the incisions after reshaping the nose. In addition, this surgery involves a relatively shorter recovery phase.

Patients who are good candidates for tip refinement surgery usually benefit from it as an effective alternative to “full” rhinoplasty surgery. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for rhinoplasty.

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