Facial Implant

Facial Implant

Posted on June 12, 2017

Whether it is your chin, jaw, or cheeks that you feel needs to have a better appearance Dr. Kim has all the tools necessary for you to complete your transformation.

It’s important to know that most facial implants are inserted through the mouth, that means that the patient needs to have good oral hygiene. If the patient does not, they may not be qualified to be a candidate for this procedure.

Each implant (chin, jaw, cheeks) is inserted through a different area. Chin implants are inserted through the inside of the mouth in front of the lower teeth. The incision for jaw implants is made in the mouth on either side of the lower back teeth (outer). Lastly cheek implants are inserted through either the upper jaw inside the upper lip or through the lower eyelid.

The only real risk with facial implants is infection. If infection does occur the implant may need to be take out temporarily.

Your doctor will give you more information about recovery instructions and expected results.

Please contact Dr. Kim if you have any questions.

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