Graying hair may have a cure

Graying hair may have a cure

Posted on June 12, 2017

Graying hair may have a cureToday’s woman with gray hair is not an old crippled woman anymore. Dr Kim sees older patients with gray hair who are making every effort to be as youthful looking as possible. Some women for the first time are considering breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. They work out and they are in great shape, yet they want a shapelier and proportioned look. They may have breast implants (either silicone or saline)and many find that the new shape allows them to increase their wardrobe selection substantially. Most women are modest in their choice of breast implant size. Just because a woman has gray hair it does not mean that she will have to look old and cannot have a great looking body. Researchers may have found a cure for gray hair. According to ABC 7 in a possible breakthrough in the battle against gray hair, scientists may have found a way to reverse the process. Researchers at New York University turned hair on mice from gray back to its natural sheen without hair coloring.


They discovered a protein that re-activates the color producing stem cells in hair follicles.


Researchers said the structure of human hair is similar to mice, so they have high hopes for the future.

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