Posted on June 12, 2017

Gynecomastia is a condition in males where their breasts are abnormally enlarged to the point of being female-like. For many men with this condition plastic surgery is the one of the few treatments that are available for this condition.

The main causes of this condition can be either the presence of excessive estrogen or not having enough testosterone in the body. There are some other reasons why this condition may be occurring and it is recommended that you see you primary physician in order to find out the exact reason before going to a plastic surgeon to have it corrected.

When going to a plastic surgeon to have Gynecomastia corrected it is important that you know beforehand that the only candidates that will be accepted for the procedure are those who are in good physical heath and are not overweight, using drugs, or drinking an excessive amount of alcohol.

The incision for this procedure is made to the areola area. Fat and glandular tissue will be removed so that the chest appears in a more natural way. After the surgery it is expected that for a few days the patient will feel discomfort. The patient needs to wear pressure garments in order to help the healing process as well as stay out of the sun for the first six months.

If you are thinking about having plastic surgery done because you are suffering from Gynecomastia, please contact Dr. Kim.

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