How much does mommy makeover surgery cost? 

How much does mommy makeover surgery cost? 

Posted on July 9, 2020

Mommy Makeover 

How much does mommy makeover surgery cost? The mommy makeover procedure is typically undertaken as elective surgery for cosmetic improvement, which means that you will need to pay for its costs out-of-pocket. This is a customizable procedure, and the costs may vary significantly between patients. To make an informed choice, you should discuss the costs involved in detail during the pre-operative consultation. 

Various financing alternatives will be available to you to pay for this cosmetic surgery procedure in easy monthly installments. With financing support, the cost is not a prohibitive factor for many women seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies through the mommy makeover procedure.  

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations. 

Variable Costs 

During the pre-operative consultation, your surgeon will assess your unique aesthetic and anatomical needs and then recommend a suitable combination of procedures to be included in your mommy makeover surgery plan. The overall cost also depends on the procedures that form a part of your individualized mommy makeover.  

While some patients need only minor surgical correction in the breasts or tummy area, others require more significant enhancement in many areas such as the butt, thighs, abdomen, breasts, and upper arms. The procedure costs in every case will depend on the complexity and extent of the surgery involved.  

Today many women choose to add minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic body contouring or skin resurfacing procedures involving laser, radio frequency, ultrasound, cooling techniques, or injections along with their mommy makeover plastic surgery procedure. Each individual procedure’s cost will add to the total costs of your mommy makeover.  

Cost Effectiveness 

Your upfront costs of a mommy makeover costs will possibly be higher than the cost of an individual cosmetic surgery procedure. However, a mommy makeover will have a better cost-effectiveness. The reason is that in mommy makeover procedures, costs associated with surgery such as surgical venue expenses, anesthesia costs, surgeon’s fee, and recovery related costs are incurred only one time.  

In a combined procedure such as a mommy makeover, you will undergo the recovery process only once. Therefore, the overall recovery time will be reduced and the post-operative expenses will be reduced in comparison to a situation where you undergo separate surgical procedures at different times. 

Cost Factors 

The cost of the mommy makeover surgery will be affected by some key factors such as the practice location, surgical venue costs, anesthesia costs, and post-op expenses. The costs of the procedure will likely be higher in busy metropolitan cities and prime urban centers in comparison to small, interior towns.  

The fee charged by your surgeon will depend on their experience, qualifications, and reputation in the field of aesthetic surgery. The mommy makeover procedure can be performed at an accredited surgery center or a hospital, and the costs and benefits will vary in each case.  


You may consider financing your mommy makeover through third-party medical care financing companies. These firms offer patients competitive rates of interest, faster loan approvals, and convenient monthly installments for elective surgery procedures such as a mommy makeover. 

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA and nearby areas for mommy makeover surgery. 

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