How to Detect and Deal with the Early Signs of Aging

How to Detect and Deal with the Early Signs of Aging

Posted on June 20, 2019

How to Detect and Deal with the Early Signs of AgingHave wrinkles and sagging skin seemingly appeared overnight? While it can feel like you had smooth, flawless skin just days again, the culprits behind aging start affecting your appearance early.  To help keep your appearance looking young and fresh, consider these steps for detecting and dealing with signs of aging right when they appear.

How to spot signs of aging

When most of our patients think of aging, the first thing that comes to mind are sagging jowls and deep creases. Few are aware that the aging process begins in their late 20s, well before your skin shows these common signs.

There are several factors responsible for aging skin. Decreasing collagen production usually begins during a person’s late 20s to early 30s is more visible as skin damage increases. This potent combination can lead to volume loss across the face and causes facial feature to appear sharper. Likewise, subconscious facial movement can contribute to the development of fine lines above facial muscles. The fine lines gradually deepen into wrinkles and creases across the face. While these signs may appear slowly, once they develop they can be difficult to ignore.

Treating the signs

Like many other conditions, prevention is the best treatment for aging. Starting early by adopting a comprehensive skincare regimen and consistently updating the plan as skin texture changes can help patients keep their looks looking younger even as they age.

While it’s impossible to turn back time and tell your former self to start daily moisturizing sooner, there’s still hope for patients who’ve already developed some of the earlier signs of aging:

Fine lines

Smiling, frowning, laughing and crying engages multiple facial muscles. Over time, this unconscious movement can create tiny creases that deepen into tell-tale wrinkles. To help stall the deepening of these wrinkles, some patients may opt to start preventive Botox treatment. These early dosages help temporarily restrict muscle movement, smoothing out unsightly and unwanted wrinkles. For patients who’ve already developed these unwanted lines, more frequent and strategically placed doses can be used to effectively stall these treatments.

Thinning lips

Thinning lips aren’t always caused by unfortunate genetics. The aging process can also play a role in full lips getting thinner and can also lead to the development of wrinkles on lips. To help counteract this volume loss, lip fillers (also called dermal fillers) are often recommended. This treatment uses a viscous, smooth gel to gently add subtle volume to lips, helping restore youthful looking volume to appearances.

Sagging skin

It’s not lack of sleep that causing under eye bags or dark circles – it’s age. For this early sign of aging, dermal fillers are a popular option for improving an individual’s overall appearance. Like lip fillers, facial dermal fillers are specifically designed to bring back volume to specific parts of your face, rejuvenating patient’s appearance without the need for surgery. For patients just starting to see signs of aging, this non-invasive solution can be the perfect intermediate treatment option.

Preserve Your Appearance at BHPS

The best way to get ahead of the aging process starts with a consistent skincare treatment plan, supplemented by ongoing treatments as the signs of aging develop. In Beverly Hills, Dr. Eugene Kim and Dr. Daniel Kim work with each person to create the custom skin solution they need to enjoy youthful looking skin even as they age. Call Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today and schedule your consultation with our specialists.

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