How To Prepare For Ear Surgery

How To Prepare For Ear Surgery

Posted on May 27, 2022

How To Prepare For Ear SurgeryOtoplasty or ear reshaping surgery is a proven and effective cosmetic surgery procedure for restoring a natural looking and beautiful ear size and shape. During the pre-operative consultation, your surgeon will provide you with meticulous instructions for preparing for the surgery.

Patients that are well-prepared have higher levels of confidence. This allows them to make better decisions regarding the ear reshaping procedure. These patients also have speedier recovery and lesser risk of complications. 

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides otoplasty ear reshaping surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities. 

Tips for Preparing for Otoplasty

These are a few simple steps that patients can undertake for enabling them to become well-prepared for their ear reshaping plastic surgery procedure:

  • Arrange to have your previous medical records from specialists, physicians, and hospital to be sent to the plastic surgeon’s office
  • List all prescription and nonprescription drugs, including vitamins, herbal medicines, and supplements
  • Arrange for a discussion between the surgeon and prescribing doctor if certain medications need to be stopped or changed
  • Do not smoke for a prescribed period as instructed by the cosmetic surgeon
  • Complete all urgent work-related and household tasks for enjoying a comfortable and relaxed recovery phase
  • Arrange for aftercare in the initial 2 to 3 days of the recovery period
  • Ask a responsible person to drive you back home following the otoplasty procedure

Patients that follow surgeon’s preparation instructions in a detailed manner have a higher likelihood of reducing the risks associated with the ear reshaping surgery. They can also expedite the recovery process.

Common Guidelines for Otoplasty Surgery

You may be given a set of common instructions by the surgeon’s team for preparing for the ear reshaping surgery. These guidelines include:

  • Stopping the use of NSAIDs, blood thinners, and other drugs for 2 weeks before otoplasty procedure
  • Avoiding the use of vitamin C, vitamin E, dietary pills, and herbal supplements for four weeks before the procedure
  • Restricting alcohol consumption in the days leading up to the procedure and completely stopping drinking 48 hours before the procedure
  • Don’t eat or drink anything for 8 hours before the surgery time
  • Get a good night’s rest before the surgery
  • Don’t wear contact lenses, makeup, body piercings, jewelry, or nail paint to the surgical room
  • Wear front-open and loose-fitting top to the surgical venue

Many patients feel overly anxious before the surgery. They may request the surgeon for a mild sedative to be taken before the ear reshaping procedure. This will help in allaying nerves. 

Apply for Leave

Working professionals should account for at least one week of absence from their work. This time is necessary for a healthy and speedy recovery. It is also necessary for successful results. You should perform only sedentary week from the second week of the otoplasty procedure.

You should not take any tasks that may put undue pressure on the incisions. Patients should discuss their concerns at the workplace before the surgical procedure. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for otoplasty ear surgery.

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