How to Sculpt a Better Butt With a Brazilian Butt Lift

How to Sculpt a Better Butt With a Brazilian Butt Lift

Posted on October 20, 2020

How to Sculpt a Better Butt With a Brazilian Butt Lift

An active lifestyle and healthy eating can get you toned legs and arms and a flat abdomen, but achieving the rounded backside you want might require more than squats and lunges can do on their own. A shapely derrière requires some extra fat in just the right places. A Brazilian butt lift is a minimally invasive, highly effective, and long-lasting procedure to augment your buttocks in exactly this way. The procedure can also correct the sagging or flattening effects of the aging process. It’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for women.

The Benefits of Two Procedures in One

A Brazilian butt lift removes fat from a part of your body where you don’t want it — excess fat in your belly, thighs, hips, or lower back — and transfers it to the areas of your buttocks where you’d like more volume and alluring curves. The procedure uses a combination of liposuction to harvest excess fat from one part of your body and fat transfer to process the extracted fat cells and strategically insert them to add volume to your buttocks.

So with a Brazilian butt lift, you get the benefits of two procedures in one. You slim a part of your body where stubborn pockets of fat are resisting your diet and exercise efforts. And you move that excess fat to sculpt a rounder, curvier derrière. The procedure uses your fat to reshape your body, without introducing any artificial materials — no implants and no chemical fillers.

Slimming one part of your figure and enhancing your butt’s profile multiplies the effects on your figure are multiplied. You’ll look curvier — slender where you want to be and rounder in your rear. Clothes will fit better. You’ll look younger, and your proportions will be in better balance.

Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Results

The fat transferred to your buttocks settles into your enhanced curves and establishes itself there with a new blood supply for long-lasting results. Your body reabsorbs some of the transferred fat in the weeks after the procedure, but most of it stays in place as a permanent part of your new figure. And because it’s your body fat — just like the fat in your buttocks that was there before — it looks and feels completely natural.

You’ll get a rounder, firmer backside, with young-looking curves, but without the scars or downtime of more invasive surgery. The liposuction and fat transfer procedures require a cannula — a thin surgical tube — to extract the harvested fat using suction and transfer it to your buttocks. Only tiny incisions are necessary for insertion of the cannula. These heal quickly and the scars they leave are barely visible.

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