Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers

Posted on June 12, 2017

This is probably one of the most widely used injectable fillers on the market today. Although there are many other fillers that are available most people are uneducated on the differences between them. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery wants to make sure that you understand what ingredients are in each of these fillers as well as their primary uses.

This will assist you in making the decision as to which injectable filler that you are going to use; of course, your plastic surgeon will also offer you helpful advice and information about which filler would work best for the problem areas that you are looking at.

There are a numerous amount of ingredients that are used in injectable fillers. A few that you will hear about are:

– Botulinum Toxin-Based

– Human-Based Collagen

– Bovine-Based Collagen

– Fat Transfer

– Hyaluronic Acid-Based

– Synthetic Poly-L-Lactic Acid

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and Dr. Kim can effectively explain to you the differences in each of these ingredients as well as the advantages and uses for each.

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