Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery with Simultaneous Fat Transfer Right for You?

Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery with Simultaneous Fat Transfer Right for You?

Posted on October 11, 2019

Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery with Simultaneous Fat Transfer Right for You?

Breast augmentation has come a long way since its initial introduction to U.S. patients in 1962. New implant types, incision techniques, and placement options have made it possible to tailor treatment to each person’s body. Thanks to these highly personalized treatment strategies, this popular plastic surgery has left countless patients extremely satisfied with their results. 

Most of our breast augmentation patients are delighted by their new look and love their implants for years to come. However, tastes change and there may come a time when you’ll no longer want breast implants. While some women may choose to continue life without implants, others may feel more confident with a less invasive alternative that keeps their curves. Our Beverly Hills surgeons can guide you through your treatment options and help you find the right solution for your figure. 

The Reasons Behind Implant Removal

The reasons for choosing breast implant removal are as numerous as the reasons for initially choosing breast augmentation. While these reasons span the gamut between medical and cosmetic, some of the most common reasons we hear at BHPS include:


Your perfect breasts at 20 and 50 may not look the same. Dissatisfaction with too large implants is among the most frequent reasons our plastic surgeons hear when it comes to implant removal in Beverly Hills. While some patients may choose to simply reduce the size of their implant, others opt to return to their natural breast size.  

Surgical Revision

When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, breast augmentation typically produces excellent results. As one of the top plastic surgery practices in Beverly Hills, we see many patients that may have received sub-par results at another practice. Revision surgery can correct errors and abnormalities from a previous breast surgery, but some patients may find the prospect of having to undergo one or more revision surgeries not worth the time or effort and choose to have their implants removed. 

Rupture or Leakage

Like other medical devices, breast implants are not made to last forever. Modern implants last a long time and are less likely to leak than older models, especially if you opt for a cohesive silicone breast implant (aka gummy bear implants). 

If you’re experiencing rupture or leakage of your breast implants, replacement or removal are your options. Breast implant replacement surgery is a straightforward procedure, often offering a shorter and easier recovery than the initial breast augmentation. We also offer implant removal for those patients that no longer want breast implants. 

Capsular Contracture or Illness

While increasingly rare with new implant types, capsular contracture can cause breast hardening, distortion, and discomfort. Treatment for this condition includes removing the breast implant, removing or repairing the capsule of scar tissue that surrounds the implant, and replacing the breast implant. Alternatively, the breast implant can be permanently removed and not replaced. 

Other women may have illnesses or medical conditions that require breast implant removal. Talk with your doctor if this is a concern and explore your options. 

While the reasons behind implant removal can vary, the results of this procedure can sometimes leave women with less than what they had before. In these instances, simultaneous fat transfer is a natural solution for restoring your curves. 

Benefits of Simultaneous Fat Transfer

Also known as reverse liposuction, simultaneous fat transfer leverages extra fat in your body to build breast volume and restore breast shape after implant removal. During the procedure, fat cells are removed from a different part of the patient’s body and injected into the breast tissue. This creates natural volume and can fill in minor gaps left when implants are removed. When combined with implant removal surgery, patients can go from implants to fat transfer-enhanced curves. 

There are many benefits to this procedure including:

Efficient Treatment

Surgery is never fun. For many women considering implant removal, the prospect of more surgery is less than appealing. Breast implant removal surgery with simultaneous fat transfer condenses multiple treatments into one surgery, shortening recovery time. 

Minimize the Risk of Capsular Contracture

Women who’ve had implants removed due to capsular contracture or infection are at a higher risk of recurrence if they decide to replace their implants. Advanced surgical techniques and changing the positioning of the implants may mitigate some of this risk. 

Removing implants and simply augmenting natural breast size with reverse liposuction helps eliminate the possibility of experiencing capsular contracture again without compromising a patient’s overall appearance. 

Permanent Volume and Natural Enhancement

Fat cells are not typically eliminated without surgery. Replacing implants with grafted fat tissue leaves patients with natural, long-lasting augmentation. Implants and prosthetics may require replacement down the road but transferred fat will stick around. 

Am I A Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation? Visit our Specialists to Find Out

We want our patients to love their breasts. If yours are no longer sparking joy, let us help you explore other options. In Beverly Hills, our plastic surgeons can help you find solutions to breast implant removal without losing your feminine curves. Call 310-746-5475 today to schedule your consultation with our surgeons today.

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