Is Mommy Makeover Surgery Right for Me? And Other Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon.

Is Mommy Makeover Surgery Right for Me? And Other Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon.

Posted on November 25, 2020

Question to Ask Your Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgeon 

Is Mommy Makeover Surgery Right for Me? And Other Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon.Mommy makeover is a major plastic surgery that may combine multiple procedures. You should only choose it after careful deliberation, and not under the influence of someone else. Before the surgery, you will have a pre-op consultation wherein you will get an opportunity to ask questions to your surgeon.  

You should make the best use of your consultation and clear all of your doubts and concerns. plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations. 

Is a mommy makeover suitable for me? 

Your cosmetic surgeon will determine your candidacy for a mommy makeover prior to your surgery. If you have been successfully losing weight after your pregnancy but are unable to resolve the fatty deposits and stubborn loose skin, a mommy makeover could be a judicious choice for you.  

Which procedure should I undergo first? 

Mommy makeover is accompanied by multiple surgeries. You may need to undergo both breast surgery and abdominoplasty, and probably liposuction. In most cases, these procedures are performed simultaneously. Your surgeon will create a customized surgical plan according to your unique needs.   

Can I undergo a mommy makeover if I intend to lose weight? 

Mommy makeover is ideal for you if you only need to lose a few pounds. But if you are looking for a drastic weight loss, then it is best to postpone your mommy makeover plans. A major weight loss can lead to sagging skin and muscles, and mommy makeover should only be performed when your weight has stabilized.  

What if I get pregnant again? 

If you have plans to get pregnant, then it is best to wait and postpone the surgery for a later date. Pregnancy and nursing will alter your skin and re-stretch it. On the other hand, if you have an unplanned pregnancy, then your previous mommy makeover wouldn’t affect your or your baby’s health. It will not make your delivery challenging.  

Will I have drainage tubes? How long will I have them? 

Your surgeon may or may not suggest drainage tubes depending on the extent of your procedure. These tubes are placed beneath your skin to collect fluids. The tube must be routinely cleaned and changed. They will be placed for a week or 10 days, and you will need to visit the doctor to have them removed.  

Will I have to wear a compression garment? 

Most of the surgeons recommend their patients to wear bandages around their treatment area or a compression garment to provide support. So, your surgeon might ask you to do so. Compression garments will help to prevent the accumulation of fluid beneath the skin of treated areas. In addition to that, it will also enable your skin to get adjusted to the new and re-contoured tissue and muscles.  

Will a mommy makeover impact my menstrual cycle? 

Although there won’t be any chronic or long-term irregularity, your menstrual cycle can be late for a day or two as a result of anesthesia and the medications post-surgery. Hence, you can expect your periods to be irregular for some time, but it is a common problem that will clear on its own.  

Questions related to the plastic surgeon’s credentials 

  • Whether the plastic surgeon is from ABPS.  
  • Their extent of surgical training and experience in a mommy makeover surgery.  
  • Their success rate in a procedure such as mommy makeover.  

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for mommy makeover.  

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