Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery

Posted on June 12, 2017

For any patient that has moderate lines or wrinkles laser skin resurfacing is a great solution for you. During a laser peel a high-powered beam of light is passed over the areas that need treatment, this laser vaporizes the top layer of skin.

The reason that we get wrinkles and whatnot on our faces and body is because as skin cells die or are damaged they tend to build up; this build up is what causes wrinkles.

The procedure in itself only takes from thirty to ninety minutes. For the procedure you will be given a local anesthetic and your eyes will most likely be covered (if your face is the area being treated).

The recovery from this procedure is almost immediate. Patients need to take special care not to wear makeup for at least two weeks and several weeks are need in order to see the results of the procedure.

Anyone that is interested in laser skin resurfacing or getting a laser peel can talk with Dr. Kim in order to schedule a consultation.

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