Liposuction and Lipodissolve

Liposuction and Lipodissolve

Posted on June 12, 2017

Recently, a new way of getting rid of excess fat (that would otherwise have been liposuctioned out) has come about. Although it is experimental there are a few that believe this new medical technology is the wave of future liposuction procedures.

Lipodissolve is the procedures name and it involves a series of injections that are meant to ’melt’ away small deposits of fat. Although it sounds like a completely safe procedure the problem with Lipodissolve is that there is no standard ingredient list. What does this mean? It means that for each doctor the ingredients could be different, making this procedure somewhat less trustworthy then it appears to be.

Another problem is that since the fat is not taken out of the body, where does it go? There are many theories on this subject.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery does not practice Lipodissolve on our patients. We believe in using only procedures that are approved by the FDA. Dr. Kim has performed many different liposuction procedures and always has great results and satisfied patients.

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