Mommy Makeover Surgery Recovery 

Mommy Makeover Surgery Recovery 

Posted on September 27, 2020

Mommy Makeover 

Mommy Makeover Surgery Recovery Recovery time for a mommy makeover procedure varies from one patient to another depending on the extent of the surgery performed. Although you can expect a safe and quick recovery, you should plan to take leave from work for about two weeks. It may be difficult to care for your children during the early recovery phase, so you may find childcare during this time. 

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities.   

Recovery process 

After your mommy makeover, it is best to have someone responsible to drive you home from the surgical center or hospital. It is normal to feel groggy or discomfort for some time. You will also experience some swelling. While the inflammation and irritation will dissipate by the end of the first week, you should consider taking plenty of rest. You should also gently walk around your house to avoid the formation of blood clots.  

About a week or 10 days after your plastic surgery, you will have to visit your surgeon’s office for having your drainage tubes removed. Depending on your recovery rate, you will have your sutures removed around the same time. You should maintain your post-surgical appointments as scheduled.  

You should be able to go back to your regular routine within a week, but, if you had to undergo a major procedure such as a lower body lift, it may take more time to recover. Refrain from doing strenuous exercises and heavy lifting for the first few weeks. It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for you to return back to the gym.  

Swelling is common after a mommy makeover cosmetic surgery, but it would subside within a few weeks. Even though you will start noticing the changes in your body almost immediately, it will take a few months for your body to permanently settle down and transform into something a little more trimmer 

Faster recovery  

In order to have a quicker recovery, you should abide by the guidelines provided below: 

  • Compression garments: your surgeon will probably advise you to wear a compression garment during your recovery. This will help reduce swelling and allow your skin to heal more smoothly. In some instances, you will be asked to wear bandages over the treated area so that your new contours would recover quickly. 
  • Quit smoking: smoking and tobacco products will restrict blood flow thus preventing oxygen from reaching your incision sites. This will have serious repercussions. You should stop smoking for at least two or three weeks before and after your surgery.  
  • Follow a healthy diet: after your mommy makeover, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet that includes lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy. All of this will stimulate healing, and promote a quicker recovery. This will also help you stay in shape and maintain the results from your mommy makeover.  

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for mommy makeover.  

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