Not Happy with Your Implants? You Have More Options: Find Out About Breast Lift after Breast Explant

Not Happy with Your Implants? You Have More Options: Find Out About Breast Lift after Breast Explant

Posted on September 29, 2020

Not Happy with Your Implants? You Have More Options: Find Out About Breast Lift after Breast Explant

Most women are delighted with their breast implants, but not all are. And an early positive reaction can change over time. That might be because your ideals for your body shape have changed or because of problems with the implants. If you’ve removed your implants, whatever the reason, you have several options for making them look great once more. One is a breast lift, a procedure that can restore your breasts to an attractive shape after implant removal surgery.

What Is a Breast Explant?

Breast explant surgery removes your breast implants. The implants are simply extracted, and the natural breast tissue gradually goes back to its original volume. However, this is not always the case. Many patients who have undergone a breast explant elsewhere seek out the experts at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for a breast lift.

Choosing a Breast Lift after a Breast Explant

It would be nice if, by removing the implants, your breasts simply went back to their original shape. But time has usually passed since the implants were placed, and aging, plus the weight of the implants, tends to result in some sagging. Your breasts may now hang low, with the nipple pointing downward.

The other change the implants have made over time is in the position of tissue within your breast. Your body responds naturally to implants by shifting tissue to balance the pressure and volume throughout the breast. This created an attractive shape while your implants were in place. When your implants are removed, you may be left with hollow areas where the implants once were. It can take several months for the tissue to shift again into a more natural-looking position. And it may never shift back to create the rounded breast shape you would prefer. Without correction, your breasts may settle into an elongated or flattened shape.

Choosing a breast lift after an explant can address these issues. The breast lift corrects sagging by removing excess skin and raising the profile of the breasts. As part of the procedure, the surgeon also repositions and tightens tissue within the breast to create a rounded, natural-looking, youthful profile.

Learn More in a Personal Consultation

Dr. David Kim and Dr. Eugene Kim at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery have developed an impeccable reputation for stunning, natural-looking cosmetic treatment and plastic surgery results, attracting patients from all over the world. Contact our practice today at (310) 746-5475 or send an online request to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss all of your options for breast lifts after an explant and help you decide on the procedure or combination of procedures that will give you the look and peace of mind you are seeking.

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