Reasons to Be Close to Your Goal Weight Before Liposuction

Reasons to Be Close to Your Goal Weight Before Liposuction

Posted on November 16, 2018

Reasons to Be Close to Your Goal Weight Before Liposuction

For many of our Beverly Hills patients, liposuction surgery is a great way to shed stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise. However, the best results come when patients are already close to the ideal weight before starting liposuction treatment. Here’s why:

Liposuction vs. Weight-loss surgery

Since its introduction, liposuction has become synonymous with beautiful figures. The surgery is known for helping patients remove stubborn pockets of fat and reveal trim figures, even helping drop a couple of pounds on the scale. However, at its core, liposuction is fundamentally a body-contouring surgery. Unlike weight-loss procedures like gastric bypass which restrict food intake, liposuction treats minor to moderate fat deposits. No mechanisms in the liposuction treatment process target the main causes of weight gain – overeating, genetics and lack of physical activity. Best results are achieved when patients are committed to their well-being and have maintained a consistent, healthy weight.

Fat Loss Does Not Necessarily Mean Weight Loss

As liposuction does not target the culprits behind weight gain, the treatment does not necessarily equate to weight loss. While some patients may see a few pounds come off following treatment, even removing significant pockets of fat won’t drastically change the number on the scale. The best way to lose weight is not by removing fat with liposuction – it’s by eating a healthy diet and replacing excess fat with strong, lean muscle.

Liposuction Is Only Effective When You Maintain Weight

Fat is unique compared to other cells in that they fluctuate in size as an individual gains weight. While the cells can shrink and can be removed through liposuction, remaining fat can become enlarged with poor health habits. Achieving your ideal weight and staying there is an important step in keeping your post-liposuction body. Substantial weight gain may require additional recontouring procedures.

Eliminating as much fat as possible through diet and exercise, before undergoing liposuction, also has a positive impact on your treatment results. Bumps and lumps of fat that linger can then be specifically removed during surgery, maximizing your results and improving overall appearance. While liposuction can certainly be used in cases where patients are still working towards a healthy weight, premature treatment may mean that patients must come back for additional liposuction once they’ve achieved their goal weight.

Your Health is the Top Priority

While liposuction is completed with small incisions and with the use of a thin tube that extracts fat cells, it nonetheless remains a surgical procedure. As with other procedures, the surgical process may not be suitable for overweight or obese patients due to the increased risk of complications. Rather than putting your health on the line, spend the time working with a physician to shed the weight naturally before turning the cosmetic treatments. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, our experienced team has worked with countless patients to provide liposuction and other body contouring solutions once they’ve reached a healthy weight.

Is Now the Time for Liposuction? Find out at BHPS

When it comes to providing exceptional care, the surgeons at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery focus on evaluating a patient’s current needs, their expectations, and realistic results. Together, we serve as your partner in achieving your ideal appearance and figure. For patients thinking about liposuction, we recommend coming in for a preliminary consultation to explore your options and develop a treatment strategy. Call Dr. David Kim and Dr. Eugene Kim at (310) 746-5475 to get started.


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