Saline Or Silicone… Dr. Kim Knows

Saline Or Silicone… Dr. Kim Knows

Posted on June 12, 2017

If you are looking to undergo breast implant surgery, Dr. Kim and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery would like to give you important information before moving forward. Dr. Kim and the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is proudly serving the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area providing our patients with satisfaction and outstanding results.

Did you realize that there are two different types of breast implant surgery available? If you are considering breast implant surgery, it is crucial that you know each type of breast implant surgery before undergoing any type of procedure for breast enlargement.

The first type of breast implant surgery uses silicone. For both types of breast implant surgery, the shell of the implant is made with silicone as well as small amounts of other materials, though, the fillers are what vary and make them different. Silicone being one of the fillers used and, Saline being the other.

Both types of breast implantfilleroptions are approved by the FDA for use. Though, in order to ensure you are choosing the best implant for you body and your desired results, it is wise to set up a consultation with Dr. Kim at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery so you know which one to use. You will there receive specific information on each type of implant filler as well as examine what’s best for you and your body.

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