Smaller Bites Will help With Weight Loss

Smaller Bites Will help With Weight Loss

Posted on May 11, 2017

Although it may seem rather obvious, a recent article highlighted the fact that people who take smaller bites are less likely to gain weight. Researchers from the Netherlands published a study in the Journal Plos One that examined what happened when 53 participants consumed soup while taking various size sips when focusing and when they were distracted. Participants who took small steps consumed approximately 30% less than those who took big sips and those who decided the size of their sips. And those who took larger sips underestimated how much they consumed. “Consuming small bites rather than large bites involves more bites for consumption of the same amount of food. Due to a relatively higher number of bites … small bites may lead to lower food intake,” the researchers wrote. It’s also possible, they said, that lower intake results from diners’

beliefs about how much they are eating. “These findings stress the importance of cognitive factors on satiation,” they said. So if you think you are full, that makes a difference. Diners who do not pay attention to what they are eating are more likely to overeat. Several studies have supported this as it relates to television viewing while eating. The researchers wrote that in conclusion the food industry could design food products that encourage consumers to take smaller bites as one way to attack the obesity epidemic. As the new year is in full swing there are likely to be no shortages of New Year’s resolutions that include eating less. One way to focus on something different than eating is the focus on ways to modify and improve one’s appearance significantly yet not dramatically. Dr. Kim shares with patients that injectables including Botox and fillers like Restylane have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance. Most patients like the fact that with injectables the results can be seen virtually right away. Although for Botox patient the first time it takes a few days to see the final results, once a patient continually receives the injections the results can be seen much sooner. Watching your weight including how much food you consume is a lifelong choice that yields big dividends. However, just as important as it is to maintain a healthy weight and consistent exercise it is just as important to maintain your most youthful appearance. Patients who are considering injectable services are encouraged to contact Dr. Kim and schedule a consultation.

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