Study proves laughter helps overcome pain

Study proves laughter helps overcome pain

Posted on June 12, 2017

Study proves laughter helps overcome painMost people have heard that laughter is the best medicine.  A recent study set out to prove that it is in fact true.At least according to the study, it will help to relieve pain.Dr. Kim’s  patients will ask how much pain they will be experiencing when they are considering a plastic surgery procedure.  Dr. Kim explains that every person has a different pain tolerance. Surgery patients are given a narcotic pain reliever to help manage the pain.  Typically breast augmentation that is submuscular, and abdominoplasty are at a higher level of pain  for most patients.  Other procedures such as rhinoplasty and facelift are considered to be moderatly painful for most patients.  Most other procedures fall somewhere between mildly and moderately painful for most patients.  This is with the assumption that patients are taking their prescribed pain medication. Most patients in retrospect are so happy with their procedure that they rarely complain about the pain once they see the results.  If laughter helps to overcome pain, then maybe patients should laugh while recovering.  According to My Fox Los Angeles having a good laugh with friends can help us to deal with pain — proving laughter really is the best medicine — a UK study out Wednesday found.

Watching just 15 minutes of comedy with others increased the pain threshold by an average of 10 percent, a team of researchers, led by the University of Oxford, England, discovered.

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