What is a brow lift (forehead lift)?

What is a brow lift (forehead lift)?

Posted on June 5, 2019

What is a brow lift (forehead lift)?Wrinkles may appear on the forehead and between the brows due to aging and other factors.

A brow lift plastic surgery can effectively correct this condition to rejuvenate the upper face appearance and help the forehead look more youthful. This procedure, also called a forehead lift, is a less invasive option for individuals who may be seeking a full facelift.

At times, a brow lift may be performed in combination with an eyelid lift surgery for more comprehensive outcomes. The surgeon will inform the patient about brow lift during the pre-operative consultation and enable them to make a well-considered choice.

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides forehead lift to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


Ideal Candidates

A brow lift is a suitable procedure for individuals who are displeased with the appearance of noticeable lines and wrinkles on the forehead and the region between the eyes.

This procedure can effectively improve an angry, tired, or worried expression in this area.

Candidates with furrowing brows as well as sagging lids may benefit more from a combination of brow lift and eyelid lift plastic surgery. Conversely, candidates with only minor fine lines and wrinkles between the brows may sometimes choose only Botox as a temporary, non-surgical alternative to a brow lift.


What does Brow Lift Accomplish?

The brow lift cosmetic surgery is different from an eyelid lift, which involves eliminating excess skin from the lids. In a brow lift, the objective is to reposition the brow to develop a more alert and youthful upper face appearance and open the entire eye region.

In a brow lift, the surgeon will subtly elevate the forehead skin to effectively remove horizontal creases and forehead sagging that may have occurred from aging or facial expressions over the years.

A mere reshaping of the brow skin can accomplish a more youthful appearance for the whole face. The patient can achieve more dramatic outcomes when a brow lift is performed in combination with an eyelid lift.



After anesthesia, Dr. Kim will make tiny incisions in the hairline to ensure that any future scarring remains discreet.

Through this incision, he will insert an endoscope to view the underlying structures on a screen. This will allow him to make the necessary changes in a minimally invasive manner.

The judicious and kind Dr. Kim will gently elevate the sagging forehead muscles and tighten the muscles that are pulling the brow downward. This procedure will not involve pulling of the skin, unlike a facelift. But if excess skin is present, Dr. Kim will remove it to develop a smooth brow and forehead appearance.

Dr. Kim undertakes a brow lift in a highly targeted and individualized manner. He ensures that there is no over-tightening or lifting of the muscles and the patient does not end up with a perpetually surprised appearance on their face.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for forehead lift.

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