What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Breast Implant Removal?

What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Breast Implant Removal?

Posted on February 10, 2020

What is an En Bloc Capsulectomy Breast Implant Removal?If you are dissatisfied with your breast implants for any reason, you can decide to have them taken out with an en bloc capsulectomy. This surgical procedure has been successfully performed over the years. Many women have achieved outstanding results and have had the feeling of the original softness of the breasts restored once again.

During en bloc capsulectomy, the surgeon will remove a breast implant and a part (or all) of the breast implant capsule. The procedure may be carried out after the woman experiences problems from her primary breast augmentation, or simply wishes to have the implants removed from the body due to her changed cosmetic preferences.

The en bloc capsulectomy surgery removes the breast implant and the capsule together, allowing the tissue and muscles of the breast to go back to their earlier position for a more natural look. plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides breast implant removal to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities. 

Types of Capsulectomy 

En bloc capsulectomy may be known as a total capsulectomy, but they are two separate surgeries. Both the surgical the procedures are, however, designed to take out the breast implant and a part (or all) of the capsular tissue that grows around it.

En bloc, a French term, means “in one piece”. And the en bloc implant removal surgery refers to the withdrawal of textured silicone breast implants along with their capsule as a single entity. During the en bloc capsulectomy, the surgeon makes an incision around this single block with the capsule surrounding the implant and removes it with no harm to the body. 

The plastic surgery procedure lets the silicone implant stay inside the capsule while it is being taken out and prevents bacteria and chemicals from seeping inside the body and creating health problems. Capsulectomy, (or a partial capsulectomy), on the other hand, is a surgical technique that repairs capsular contracture and takes out only a part of the scar tissue.

Total capsulectomy takes out the entire scar tissue together with the tissue around the breast implant along the lungs and the ribs. Usually, the procedure requires the surgeon to first withdraw the implants and then take out all of the capsular tissue.

Capsulotomy is a surgery that can be performed as an opened or closed procedure. In case of open surgery, the capsule is partially or entirely removed through an incision within the breast area. In the closed technique, the surgeon will break down the capsule tissue while leaving the breast implant in place. The closed surgery carries some risk of causing damage to the implant.

What are the benefits of en bloc capsulectomy?

An en bloc capsulectomy offers the following advantages to the patient: 

  • Better and renewed body image 
  • Can participate in vigorous activities without uneasiness
  • Increased comfort in their own skin
  • Regain the natural feeling of softness in their breasts
  • Additional streamlined silhouette and form
  • Women can wear bras that are more comfortable 

Who is a suitable candidate for an en bloc capsulectomy?

Any woman who possesses good overall health and wishes to change her breast implants may be a candidate for en bloc capsulectomy. There are several reasons why a woman may decide to undergo an en bloc capsulectomy surgery, which include: 

  • Not satisfied with the look of her breasts 
  • Shifting or asymmetry of the breast implants 
  • Problems from the scar tissue surrounding an implant 
  • Deposits of calcium in the breasts 
  • Damage or rupture of an implant 
  • Breast cancer diagnosis

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for breast implant removal.

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