What is Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery?

What is Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery?

Posted on July 6, 2018

Breast Implant Revision

What is Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery?Breast implant revision, also known as breast augmentation revision, is a major cosmetic surgery procedure performed in certain situations.

The procedure involves the replacement or removal of existing breast implants to address the complications that may have arisen following the primary breast augmentation or implant-based breast reconstruction surgical procedure.

This procedure can also help address an undesirable aesthetic outcome from the primary surgery. plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides breast implant revision surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

Ideal Candidates

Patients who are unhappy with the outcomes of their primary breast implant surgery may be suitable candidates for a revision procedure.

Sometimes women face undesirable complications following breast augmentation such as breast pain, implant deflation, asymmetry, and other unwanted outcomes. However, there are fortunately ways to address most cosmetic and medical complications.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery

There are various reasons for which women decide to enhance their breasts. Similarly, some women may decide to have these implants removed for a variety of medical or health-related concerns.

If a woman chooses to have the implant taken out instead of undergoing breast implant replacement, she may sometimes have to combine it with breast lift plastic surgery to restore a firmer shape of the breasts after implant removal.

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

Whether breast implants are saline or silicone, they will need replacement at some point in time as they are not meant to last a lifetime. At times, women who have had implants placed may years earlier want some modifications made. This replacement procedure enables surgeons to make sure that the breasts are accurately contoured and healthy.

While performing a breast implant replacement surgery, the surgeon will try to utilize the previously placed incision lines to take out the old implants replacing them with new ones. This avoids the occurrence of new scars in the breast region.

But if the patient wants different size or type of implants as a replacement, the surgeon will have to create implant pockets to hold the new implants by placing new incisions.

Breast Revision in Combination with Breast Lift

Many times breast implant replacement surgery is done in combination with a breast lift. A majority of women will need to have the primary implants replaced after many years of use as with the lapse of time, the skin elasticity is reduced which causes the breasts to sag. These types of patients can benefit from a combination of breast lift and implant replacement.

Implant Removal vs. Replacement

Breast implant replacement is believed to be the better approach to breast revision surgery in comparison to implant removal.

Replacement surgery is usually more straightforward with a lesser risk of bleeding and infection. However, in cases where the patient has arthritis, pain or another autoimmune disease, the surgeon may advise them to undergo implant removal rather than a replacement.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation Revision

The breast tissue and skin are used to the implants placed during the primary implant surgery. However, breast augmentation revision recovery is similar to the recovery during the initial implant procedure. Successful cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and other towns and cities in this area of the southwest for breast implant revision.

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