What to Expect During Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation

What to Expect During Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation

Posted on December 15, 2019

What to Expect During Your Breast Implant Removal ConsultationWomen who are unhappy with the results of their breast enhancement or those who suffer from breast implant complications may be good candidates for saline or silicone breast implant removal plastic surgery. In case the original breast enlargement was not performed properly, this procedure might become necessary. 

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides breast implant removal to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities. 


Choosing between Implant Removal and Replacement

Prior to the breast implant removal surgery, the surgeon will understand the reasons for the implant complications and advise patients on a suitable course of action. 

If the patient decides to undergo breast implant replacement, this procedure will be undertaken during the implant removal procedure. But if the patient needs only breast implant removal, the surgeon will advise them on cosmetic surgery options such as breast lift surgery. These can be performed in combination with breast implant removal surgery.

The surgeon will assess the implants and the adjacent tissue for swelling, leakage, rupture, and infection before the surgery.


Offering the Patient In-depth Information

During the pre-op consultation, a committed surgeon will educate the patient on all aspects of breast implant removal to allow her to make a judicious decision. The surgeon will discuss the breast implant removal surgery benefits, risks, procedure steps, and the approximate recovery duration after the procedure. 

The surgeon will also make sure that the patient is seeking this procedure without any pressure or influence from external sources. Patients who have detailed information on breast implant surgery usually make a well-considered decision on the procedure as well as attain higher levels of satisfaction.


Good Candidates

A key goal for the surgeon during a breast implant removal consultation will be to determine the patient’s candidacy for this procedure. The surgeon will undertake a general medical examination and evaluate the structure of the breast as well as the skin texture and elasticity. 

The surgeon will assess the surgical and medical history of the patient and may order medical tests if necessary. They will include the patient’s cosmetic goals into the personalized breast surgery plan.


Instructions for Preparation and Recovery

Patients who smoke will need to refrain from smoking for several weeks before and after the breast implant removal cosmetic surgery. Pertaining to this, the surgeon may change the patient’s schedule for prescription drugs, blood thinners, and herbal supplements in discussion with the prescribing physician. 


Creating Reasonable Expectations

At the time of the pre-operative consultation process, certain surgeons may display before and after breast implant surgery images of past patients to help her develop realistic expectations from the procedure. Patients with reasonable expectations are usually more satisfied with the final results and feel more confident. 

In regards to this, the surgeon may also show the patient testimonials of previous patients to learn more about the surgical procedure from the standpoint of another patient. The patient may also request a brief office tour to familiarize herself with the surgeon’s practice which can help build confidence that the surgeon runs a tight ship and cares about their patients and practice. 

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for breast implant removal.

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