What to Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Surgery Consultation 

What to Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Surgery Consultation 

Posted on August 7, 2020

Mommy Makeover Surgery 

What to Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Surgery Consultation The first crucial element that lays the foundation for a successful cosmetic surgery is the preoperative consultation. It is a session where you will closely engage with your surgeon prior to your mommy makeover procedure. This not only helps you in understanding the procedure but also enables you to make more objective decisions.  

During this consultation, you will get an opportunity to ask questions to your surgeon and clarify all of your doubts before proceeding. Your surgeon will provide all instructions beginning from the preparation to recovery. Your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your candidacy for different procedures than may be included in your mommy makeover surgery. 

plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations.  

Getting to know more about mommy makeover 

A dedicated surgeon will strive hard to educate you on all aspects of the mommy makeover. Your surgeon will discuss both the benefits and risks of a mommy makeover, before going through the steps involved in the procedure and the estimated recovery after the surgery is complete.  

Your surgeon will motivate you to make a judicious and well-considered decision. It’s vital for you to make this decision independently, and not under the influence of someone else. If you make a careful decision, then you are more likely to attain better satisfaction levels from the procedure.  

Treatment options 

Mommy makeover plastic surgery will likely include several procedures in order to meet your cosmetic goals. During the preoperative consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your unique anatomical and personal aesthetic requirements so that they could create the right configuration.  

Your surgeon will discuss with you various procedures such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, body lift, liposuction, breast lift, and some non-surgical treatments that may be included in the mommy makeover. Based on your requirements, they will create a customized mommy makeover plan.  

Questions and answers 

Feel free to ask questions to your surgeon during the consultation process. Your surgeon will encourage you to share your doubts and concerns so that they could clear them before proceeding. A respectable surgeon will provide comprehensive and accurate answers to all questions.  

It is a perspicacious idea to create a list of questions in advance so that you could ask all of them during your consultation. This will ensure you that none of the vital questions are missed out.  

Guidelines, images, and costs associated with mommy makeover  

Your surgeon will utilize the preoperative consultation to discuss the general guidelines that need to be followed before and after the surgery. You should be well-prepared to follow these instructions diligently in order to achieve a safe and predictable outcome.  

You should frankly ask questions about the estimated costs and your financing options. You may request for mommy makeover before and after images of your surgeon’s past patients, so that you could get a realistic perspective on what to expect after the surgery. 

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for mommy makeover surgery.  

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