Your Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation

Posted on March 2, 2018

Your Breast Lift Plastic Surgery ConsultationA detailed consultation process will help create a concrete foundation for breast lift cosmetic surgery. During the consultation, the patient will have an opportunity to learn about the vital aspects of breast lift procedure as well as the surgeon’s practice. The patient should feel free to ask questions and clear her doubts and concerns during the consultation with the surgeon.

The surgeon will seek the patient’s inputs about her health condition and personal aesthetic goals, and will utilize that feedback to create a customized breast lift surgery plan. The consultation should preferably be scheduled well ahead of the surgery so that the patient gets adequate time to prepare and follow all the pre-op care instructions.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, led by and profound plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim, provides breast lift to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities across the horizon.

Determining Candidacy

The surgeon will determine the patient’s candidacy for breast lift at the time of initial consultation. They will review the patient’s medical records and ask examine her general health and breast anatomy. Specialized mammograms or some other tests may be ordered in a few cases. If the patient has any underlying medical condition, it should be addressed first before going ahead with the surgery.

Assessing Cosmetic Goals

One of the first things a surgeon would like to understand is why a patient wants to undergo breast lift surgery and what exactly about her breast shape or size might be troubling her. Some patients may want a dramatic enhancement in breast appearance, but others may only be looking for subtle improvements.

Based on the patient’s specific cosmetic needs and goals, the surgeon will recommend an appropriate surgical technique for breast lift. They will also suggest whether an additional procedure such as breast implants may be necessary. A surgical plan tailored to meet the unique requirements of the patient will be prepared.

Patient Education

A dedicated and focused surgeon will utilize the consultation to educate the patient on various aspects of breast lift and explain its benefits and limitations. They will also address the patient’s doubts and concerns related to the surgery as well as their own practice, and discuss the costs and financing issues. These details will enable the patient to make a well-considered decision.

The surgeon may also present breast lift before and after photos during the initial consultation to help the patient form reasonable expectations. Reviews and testimonials of past patients may also be shown at this time.

Preparation Guidelines

The responsible and kind surgeon will require the patient to stay off smoking and adjust her schedule of certain prescription and non-prescription medications. They may suggest the patient to arrange for transportation on the surgery day as well as aftercare for a few days.

Questions and Answers

The patient should freely ask questions during the breast lift consultation in order to make a judicious decision. She should preferably note down the questions in advance and bring the list with her for the consultation. Cordial and sensational cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and other towns and cities for a breast lift.

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