Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures Projection Adjustment

Nose projection is the distance that the nose protrudes outward from the juncture where it connects the upper lip to its tip. If the tip

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Tip Rotation And Reduction

The nasal tip may lack proper rotation if it lacks definition or is too defined. Rotation refers to the upward or downward turn of the

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Straightening a Crooked Nose

A rhinoplasty plastic surgery is an appropriate procedure for individuals who have a slightly crooked nose or a nose that has moved to one side.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for an Hour Glass Figure

From the classical era to classic film legends, the hourglass figure is a timeless one that celebrates femininity. Not everyone is born with this classic

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Correcting The Radix

As a part of rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery, some patients may undergo dorsal hump or bump reduction. In a variation of this condition known as the

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