What Is the Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

What Is the Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

Posted on August 24, 2020

What Is the Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

Most of the attention in plastic surgery is, appropriately, on the procedures themselves and the results. But proper care during recovery is critical to achieving great results, and compression is an important element in post-operative care. Compression type and duration can range from a day with compression bandages for a facelift to several weeks wearing an elastic compression garment after a tummy tuck, breast surgery, mommy makeover, or liposuction.

Compression garments are specially constructed from breathable fabric with anti-microbial properties. They are form-fitted to your body to apply gentle pressure and hold your curves and contours in place as your body heals.

Why is compression so crucial after plastic surgery? Here are some of the key ways compression promotes healing:

Reduce Swelling

The body’s natural response after surgery is to flood the area with additional fluids. Some of this is helpful and a necessary part of the healing process. But the accumulation of excessive fluids can result in swelling that actually gets in the way of healing. Fluids can become trapped in the area, causing discomfort and slowing recovery. Compression keeps swelling in check and helps your body absorb these excess fluids. The less swelling you have, the faster you’ll heal and the sooner you’ll see your final results.

Decrease Bruising

Some bruising is common after plastic surgery. It’s caused by injury to blood vessels and is the result of bleeding in the tissue below the skin’s surface. The purple or blue color you notice as a bruise is blood within the skin. Compression stops this type of bleeding and keeps escaped blood from spreading toward the surface of the skin. Compression may not eliminate bruising, but it helps to minimize it and keep it less visible. That speeds your progress to beautiful results.

Minimize Visible Scarring

Compression garments hold incisions in place and protect them, enabling them to heal quickly and cleanly. Pressure helps soften and flatten scars, making them less noticeable. By promoting healing, compression also speeds the progress of scars as they lighten and become less visible in the months after surgery.

Improve Comfort

Compression reduces pain and discomfort by supporting the treated area and reducing swelling. It helps you feel better, which helps you follow your recovery care plan. Compression garments also protect the treated area from accidental bumps and pokes, which might otherwise be painful.

Contour and Shape Your Body

With a body contouring procedure such as breast surgery, a tummy tuck, or liposuction, the compression garment helps your body form its new shape as it heals. It also holds your skin in place and keeps it smooth, especially after a slimming procedure like liposuction. Some patients report that a compression garment helps them move more easily after surgery and improves their posture.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

Compression garments hold bandages in place and provide an extra protective layer, helping to keep the incision area sterile.

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