4 Aesthetic Options After Breast Implant Removal

Whether you’re considering breast implant removal for personal reasons or because of a problem with your implants, you may be concerned about how your breasts

How to Prepare For Breast Implant Removal

Any breast implant revision plastic surgery is usually more complex than the primary breast augmentation procedure. The steps involved in the breast implant removal surgery

Breast Implant Removal Risks And Safety

A woman may need a breast revision cosmetic surgery if she seeks to have her implants removed or replaced because of damage or a change

After Breast Lift: At-Home Habits that Help Breasts Stay Perky

It’s a big decision to have a breast lift. It’s an investment in yourself that can give you a huge boost to your self-esteem. And

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon About Breast Implant Removal

Sometimes breast implants may become constricted, displaced, or ruptured due to incorrect placement or pressure exerted by scar tissue. Women with such issues may require

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