A Pear Shape Tells A lot About You

Having a pear shape for woman used to be considered a good thing. Think Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell they were considered bombshells. But, a

New Year| Have You Had Your Breast Implants Checked?

So, you have had your breast implants over 10 years now that it is 2013. Whens the last time you had them checked? Maybe you

Reducing the Sugar Only Reduces Weight by a Small Amount

Looking for ways to lose weight can be a never-ending battle. According to recent article people who reduce added sugars in their diet loose on

Extreme Calorie Dishes Are An Issue, But Not A Surprise

Choosing to eat at a restaurant for most people is expected to have some element of enjoyment. With the obesity epidemic rampant regulations have pressured

What Do You Weigh? Probably Not What You Think

Most people underestimate their real weight according to recent article. Men and women specifically those that are obese have become more likely than ever before

Male Choices for Plastic Surgery | Those Who Don’t Could Stick

Most reports in the media are highlighting the increase in men choosing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. The uptick in men has patients has been fairly

Smaller Bites Will help With Weight Loss

Although it may seem rather obvious, a recent article highlighted the fact that people who take smaller bites are less likely to gain weight. Researchers

Myths about Dieting | You May Be Surprised

There are many misconceptions concerning obesity and weight loss according to a recent article. An international group of dietitians, doctors as well as other experts

Who Knew? Portion Control Helps Drop The Weight?

Thanks to the obesity epidemic portion control has become the buzzword for the decade. According to a recent article the portion control plan is a

Tips for the Good Life

Living the good life especially in Southern California usually includes not only feeling good but looking good as well. According to a recent online news

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