Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Whether through surgical intervention, strict diet, and exercise, or a combination, losing 100 or more pounds is life-changing. Beyond simply losing the weight, many patients

Hyper-Expressive Face and Wrinkles in Your 20s

Your 20s and 30s present new challenges and adventures. In addition to new professional and personal opportunities, these years are also a critical time for

How to Prepare For Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery

A breast revision cosmetic surgery procedure is usually more complicated than the original breast augmentation procedure. However, the steps involved in preparing for a breast

Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery Risks And Safety

A woman may need a breast revision cosmetic surgery if she wants to have her breast implants replaced or removed because of damage or a

Your Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery Consultation

Patients who are displeased with the appearance of their breasts after a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure or experience complications should consult a cosmetic surgeon

Breast Implant Revision Plastic Surgery Candidates

A woman may need a breast implant revision procedure at some stage following a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Breast revision surgery may be necessary due

Are Fillers the Key to a Beautiful Pout?

Rapid advancements in the technology of cosmetic procedures have made it possible for people to achieve dramatic changes in their appearance without a single incision

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